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21 - Jan - 2015

Many people think that prenuptial agreements are only for celebrities, athletes or the uber rich.  And while it is true that many people of immense wealth seek to protect their assets through these types of agreements, pre and post nuptial agreements can provide benefits to people of more modest means.

To start, there is certainly a common stigma associated with these types of agreements: that they breed distrust, and focus on the breakdown of a marriage.  In reality, pre and post nuptial simply define, in clear terms, the personal and property rights of each individual before, or after, entering into marriage.  They can be an immensely valuable tool in outlining what property belongs to each person in the event marriage ends in divorce, and consequently, help to avoid messy fights down the road about dividing up assets.

Pre and post nuptial agreements can be specifically tailored to address certain, discrete assets, or they can be broad and cover a wide range of property.  Let us walk you through several options you might have as a couple, and help you understand your property rights when it comes to getting married.  And we can also help to ease the stress that fairly comes about in these situations; these agreements do nothing more than help to define the scope of each person’s rights.  We are here to walk you through the proper steps in protecting them.

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